Creative Expressions of Online Learning and Importance of Feedback

As I developed the learning activities for my course, I was focused on content and performance. After reviewing the feedback for myself and peers, I realized that I was not optimizing the delivery of content and process, more specifically those aspects related to teaching presence. Some of the items that were suggested to augment teaching presence such as timelines and articulation of questions were already planned as part of the course’s next iteration. However, I had not been focusing on the need for choices for students to demonstrate their learning in more creative fashions. I have been thinking about Professor Pickett’s podcast comments regarding providing opportunities for the creation of a video or collage. I love this idea and want to incorporate this into the final project. Perhaps instead of asking for blog enhancement, I will allow students to choose from several digital objects to create their knowledge artifact. However, I am concerned that this may overwhelm the novice online learners and will have to be careful how I do this. Read More