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The Insurmountable Check List is Finally Fully Checked Off!

I am a bit burned out from finalizing my course in Moodle. I wanted to post a meaningful final reflection but will have to do that next week after I have a few days away from modules and activities!

In the previous post for Module 6, I discussed what I learned and how I knew I had learned it. For the official final post for this course, I want to answer the five other questions the professor posed as reflection prompts:

What helped your learning?

The Professor provided formative feedback and assessments that guided my learning effectively and had a great impact on my learning outcomes. The richness of the feedback was augmented by audio/ video delivery (Morrison, 2014). I also gleaned much from my peers’ feedback via discussions and peer review. It was also helpful to be able to contextualize the online course design practices with the real-world needs expressed in the videos A Vision of Students Today and The Machine is (changing) Us.

What would have helped your learning more?

The ability to discuss the course design process with classmates without the constraints of academic discussion participation. I lamented not being able to ask classmates about specific aspects of their pedagogy and course design. The discussions were illuminating but often more about theory than practice.

What hindered your learning?

The demands of the course as far as learning to work in the Moodle LMS while creating the course and meeting the requirements of other course activities.

What got in the way of your learning?

Time. There just was not enough time to explore and develop concepts and practices as much as I would have liked. Life gets in the way of learning sometimes.

How did you feel?

Challenged and overwhelmed. There were times when I did not think I would be able to complete the course. It just seemed like an insurmountable task.

And, how do you feel now?

Satisfied. I am thrilled that I persevered and was able to complete the course. My Moodle course is far from stellar but I am pretty happy with the results of my maiden voyage.

This course taught me that demanding projects require careful planning and attention to detail. Often what we deem insurmountable is just something we have not prepared for properly.


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