Transformation via Online Learning

Using the Information Society’s Most Powerful Tool to Better Ourselves


Online learning is about reading and writing and making every activity social as well as cognitive

I had an epiphany this week. When I think of being an online student, I recall the many hours dedicated to completing courses. The course work always seemed more labor intensive than that of the traditional classroom. Then I heard Professor Pelz’s interview with Professor Pickett regarding his SLN Exemplar Online Course and it all made sense. He mentioned that writing is a more time consuming cognitive task than speaking and the online classroom’s demand for written interactions requires more mental engagement. Being a talkative gal, I realized that the online realm forces me to stop and think before blurting something out. My classroom communications are more deliberate and thoughtful. This has worked out well for me, because it has helped me develop a communication style grounded in reason and fact.  Nevertheless, I think that any student venturing into an online higher education course should be warned that their writing skills will be called upon constantly.  Read More


I Need to Regroup, Reflect and Revise

OK, I thought I was an experienced online student but my previous courses did not prepare me for this adventure! I LOVE the amount of formative feedback but I am having some difficulty processing it, while managing the course deliverables.  I am beginning to realize that this course will require more time than I initially anticipated. Read More


Online Learning Skills Must Be Cultivated

Ironically, as I reflected on determining my student audience, I became increasingly confused. Who would I target? Perhaps my target online student population would be as obsolete as wrist watches will be soon, as illustrated  in the Did You Know video. Yet, I still wear a wristwatch and as do millions of my cohorts. I think I will stick with my original target audience, of which I am gladly a member. Read More


Knowing Your Online Student Population

This course has certainly changed my assumptions about my online learning abilities. I am pretty adept at attending courses in Blackboard, and prefer it to Moodle. I realize that the online modality requires flexibility but I dislike the lack of preview and drafts for discussion board posts. Also, the discussion board scrolls like a never ending blog and this can be visually overwhelming at times. Not that the Blackboard view options were much better, but at least you could see subject lines and responses instantly. Read More

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